You gotta start somewhere.


So I’ve been thinking about the 2 proposals for my senior project over the past few days. I’ve done some research and sent some emails trying to figure out a way to make my project something I can be very proud of.

About a week ago I received an email that, to be honest, I normally would have just deleted. However, the first couple sentences talked about a non-profit organization and coincidentally I had just received an email from my senior project teacher that explained the assignment so I held onto it just incase.

The email talked about this non-profit organization set up in my township to raise money to construct a baseball field on my high school’s campus. When I was in high school, and apparently even now, the boys baseball teams had no place on campus to play their games and have practices. They were forced to car pool and travel to a township field about 10 minutes away. There were times as a freshman and sophomore (when I was “carless”) that I was unable to go and support my school because the field wasn’t right on campus. Because this project involves my high school, I think it would be a little more meaningful and I would have a lot of fun being involved in this project. 

So I sent an email last week to the board of directors and I received an email back today. They were very excited to hear from someone who wanted to help and they sent me a little information on what they are doing. Some of the ideas they thought I could help with were the following:

1. An artist rendering of what they envision the project to be. This would be for advertisement purposes and for a spot on their website.

2. Some signage for the field. They plan to have an arch leading to the field with the name. So this would involve a little bit of environmental design. I would also probably suggest other signage ideas (possibly home and away signs and scoreboard.

3. A donor display wall/sign. This project will be done completely by donations so as a thank you they want to have a display of all the names of the people who donated money. They aren’t sure how exactly they want it but again some more environmental design that I could make suggestions for.

4. Website design and facebook page. So far the website is just a single page with information about the project and a spot to make online donations ( So I could design a whole site that could be built upon once the project gets underway, with updates and images (the project is set to be done in 2013).

These were the ideas that they had in mind for me if I chose to do this for my project. So I did a little brainstorming myself after hearing more about the project and I came up with a few more things that I could contribute to the project.

1. Logo and identity for the non-profit organization itself. The logo/”title that is currently being used on their website just has the school’s logo with a simple display type reading Field of Dreams. This is something I think I could definitely improve upon and could then be used for the website and other flyers/posters.

2. Fundraising posters and maybe t-shirts. Mike Cavanaugh, who is the one that responded to my email said that right now they only have one fundraiser planned in June. So this is something I could probably make posters for and possibly design a t-shirt with the logo on it that could be sold or given away.

This project is something that I think I would enjoy and that I could look back on and be proud of. 

As far as my other ideas, I don’t have anything else nailed down but one of the other inspirations I had was from a man who came into my work a few weeks ago and handed me his card and it lead me to this website- This guy walked across America to raise money for a scholarship fund. What I would do for my senior project? I don’t know, but its something I find interesting so I’m going to do a little more research and see if I can incorporate something like this into my project. 

I also tried to think of things that bothered me to see if I could design something that would solve this problem. Surprisingly, it was very difficult for me to think of things that bothered me. That should be a good thing; that there isn’t much that bothers me. But really it’s kind of been driving me nuts that I can’t think of anything.

One thing that I did come up with is seat belts. Today, in most cars there is a light on your dashboard and a constant beeping sound that goes off when you don’t have your seat belt buckled. My mom never wears her seat belt even though for about the first 10 minutes of driving she is reminded by the beeping sound. One of my friends told me she just turns her radio up to drown out the beeping. Really? 

When I was younger my dad got into a car accident. It was Christmas Eve and I remember it very well. He flipped his entire work truck and was told by the police that his seat belt saved his life. After that its hard to imagine why wearing your seat seems like such a burden to people. 

So I was thinking maybe a could work on an awareness campaign for this. I could design posters and other kinds of advertisements. I’m literally coming up with this as I type so I would have to look into non-profits to see if there was one I could work with to help. 

I think I have one idea pretty much drawn out and hopefully one or two other possibilities/starting points to work from. I’ll have to do a little more research and nail everything down but hopefully this is a good start.


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