Getting the ball rolling..


So after talking to Diane about my project ideas I have decided upon the Upper Moreland Field of Dreams Project. Now that its decided, I’m really excited to get moving on developing ideas and researching this fund. I have been in contact with Mike Cavanaugh, on the board of directors, and he seems to like the ideas I purposed. We are in the process of scheduling a meeting so that I can meet him as well as other board members if possible.

Some of the design concepts I have been brainstorming are;

1. I would like to develop a consistent design that can be used across different media. I would like to suggest hanging posters in the hallway at the high school as well as possibly in other public areas if I am allowed. Also like I said in my first post- I almost deleted the initial email I received about this project because it was just body copy and did not grab my attention. So I would like this design to work also as an email prompt that would attract the viewer enough to look further into it. So one concept I would really like to pursue is doing an infograhic. The only complication with this is that I would have to do a lot of research and possibly student surveys which might not be possible but I think I can make it happen. I still do keep in contact with teachers and such from my high school so I’m hoping that I can figure out a way to distribute these surveys and have them completed so I have enough statistics and research to do a complete inforaphic. I would to include things like the amount of gas being used to travel from the high school to the current field and the number of supports who would be more likely to come to a game on campus (which I would need to do the survey for).

2. As far as the logo for the Upper Moreland Field of Dreams Fund I’ve been tossing around a few ideas in my head, nothing on paper yet but I hope to develop a strong logo that features all sports rather than just baseball (the fund is to raise money to construct a new baseball field but also some of the money will go into revamping the softball as well as the lacrosse fields on campus, so in the long run it could possibly grow and be used for other sport fields).

3. The website is currently one page and I do not really expect it to grow much. My thoughts were to just have a few pages that included things like the information about the fund as well as the design concept from #1, the rendering of the future field with information about the donor display wall, a donation page and possibly a few other things.

I think I will have a lot more by next week when I have had the chance to meet with the board members and talk about what they are looking for and what they expect from me. Like I said before, I am really looking forward to working on this project and I think when the entire project is done (in 2013, not the end of the quarter) I will be very happy with the outcome.



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