My first official client meet


I’ve worked with clients in the past, but by clients I mean, my dad or a family friend. I worked and met with a client in Marketing Design but that was really as a class. So it was a new experience tonight, going to meet with the board members of the Upper Moreland Field of Dreams Fund (UMFoD Fund); Mike and Karen Cavanaugh, Rob Casey and Ken Jeinnings and I hope they were impressed with how I displayed myself as a designer and with the way I handled the meeting.

I brought a list of questions that I was curious about and we worked off of those to generate the conversation. I learned about the organization itself and what they hoped for from me and for their identity. And I also learned about the project of constructing the baseball field. The questions I asked were for my research paper as well as for how I will approach my designs. They seemed to be very grateful that I was offering my design help and it was a very nice feeling. I brought my portfolio for them to review and they seemed to like my work and felt that I would do well in assisting the organization.

The section of my project that we decided I would work on first is the brand of the UMFoD Fund, so we talked a little bit about what they imagined for their logo. The fund’s current purpose is to construct the baseball field and revitalize the softball and soccer field (the soccer field runs into what will be the baseball field) as well. So one of my questions was if they wanted their logo to be baseball specific or just sport specific because the fund might be used in the future for other sports. They said making it baseball specific would not be a problem but either is fine. I’ve been brainstorming a little and have done some sketching already and I may try and design a logo that can be altered slightly for the sport. So for example Fedex has expanded their logo to a set specific to the type of fedex it is. So they have a logo for Fedex Ground, Fedex Frieght, etc. They do not vary much, just the color and the name below the logo but it may be something I consider for the UMFoD Fund.

We decided that I would have some concepts ready to present to them by mid week, next week. Most of our communication I foresee will be via email because they do not meet regularly as a board yet (the project is still in the very early stages of development). But I did mention that I would like to meet in person at least 2-3 times before the end of the quarter so things can be talked out between all of us.

After the logo I see my timeline going something like this;

-Artist rendering of the field (One thing they did mention a lot was that many people were hesitant to donate because they felt that they were investing in something that would never happen. As of now the project is only in the first stages of development, ground has not been broken yet and the field is just an idea. So with a rendering of the field, which they would like to post at the site and use for other advertisement purposes, perspective donors can see what will be and might be more likely to invest.)

-Graphical poster/email blast (The current email blast that is being sent out to the community is just plain copy that doesn’t attract attention and has the potential to be ignored and trashed. I want to design a graphical design that will grab your attention and lead you to look further into the Fund. I imagine the design to be an infographic that talks about the benefits of constructing this field and the effort it will take to construct it. This is something that can be use across other media as well; Posters hung in the high school or at fundraising events, on the website and social media sites.)

-Website and Facebook pages (They currently have a very simple site but I would like to add a page or two that can be used for updates on the project and information about it. One thing they did request for their site is a button that would lead you to the facebook page. And again a section for the infographic and also the artist rendering. Work on the facebook page isn’t really design work so it would probably not be part of my project but I would certainly like to include my designs on the page.)

-Phillies Washington Bus Trip flyers/email blast (They weren’t sure at first they would need advertising for this event but they have decided that they might. So I would design something that can be used for a flyer and email blast advertising this event.)

-Signage for the field (This I imagine will be one of the last things I do for my project because this is something that is dependent on the money raised. I would like to design something for my project whether its used by the UMFoD Fund or not but I’m hoping I can help them enough that they are able to raise enough money to accomplish this. For my project I’m just going to focus on a sign that would lead from the parking lot up to the athletic fields, something that might read Upper Moreland Athletics.)

-Donor wall display (This is something I may do outside of my senior project only because again they may not have the funds so as of right now they don’t know how extravagant this wall can be and also because the number of donors is yet to be determined so it would be more realistic to wait on this project.)

* This timeline is based on what I think will help the UMFoD Fund the most, what would make my senior project the strongest and the realistic timeline for the construction of the field.

I plan to visit the site on Friday take some pictures and do some plan sketches to get a feel for what the field might look like. At the meeting tonight they gave me the plan with all the measurements and the requirements they have to meet for the PIAA regulations so I will use that to help with my sketch.

I’ll keep you updated =)


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