I met with Diane on Thursday to talk about the specifics for my project. One of my biggest problems is I tend to overwhelm myself with impossible expectations. I’m currently reading the new biography on Steven Jobs and I’m at the part where they are talking about his reality distortion field. This is where he thinks anything is possible; that his employees can put together complex computers or programs in a very short period of time. He is so convincing though, that they don’t realize it’s impossible and they make it happen. Sometimes I think I have my own reality distortion field and I convince myself that I can do anything because I have all these ideas and I want to use them all. This usually just leads to a lot of stress and never-ending nights but I do somehow get it done.

Well after I got the first email from the UMFOD I got sucked into my reality distortion field. Mike gave me a list of all these things I could help them with because he didn’t know what I was looking for. But once he said them all I just wanted to get started in delivering them all. Sometimes I forget that our quarters are only 11 weeks long and then you have to minus the first like 2 weeks because the project really isn’t set into motion yet and then the last week because we have to present the week before. Its just such a short period of time.

So at my meeting with Diane I told her I needed help figuring out what I should limit myself to. I already told Mike that I plan to help them after I graduate so I needed to know what I should plan to work on in the next 6 weeks or so. So to edit my last post here is my new timeline/proposal:

Phase 1

1. UMFOD identity: I met with the board members last Tuesday and I said I would send them some sketches and digital illustrations by Tuesday of this coming week. I have been working on the logo for the past couple days and have 3 solid ideas to send them so far.

2. Artist rendering: I’m planning to head over to the area where the field is going to be built to take some pictures today and plan out how I will go forward with the drawing sometime this week. I think this part of the project is going to take me a few weeks. The drawing will be used for a lot of the advertising; the website, facebook page, posters, sign on the field, etc so I want to make it the best I can.

3. Website: They sent me the information I need to edit their current website but I’m not really sure how to go about using what they sent me so I’m going to ask my web teacher on Wednesday to explain it to me. I plan to start the website around week 5 (working on it simultaneously with the rendering).

4. Poster/email blast: This will be part of Phase 1 if I have time for it. It will require a lot of research; I’ll need to make surveys and distribute them to the students at the high school and possibly the middle school if I can. If not I will push it over into phase 2.

Phase 2

For the proposal for the end of the quarter I want to have something to show (possibly mood boards) for the following projects;

1. Phillies bus trip poster/email blast: If they still want me to, I plan to design something for this fundraiser.

2. Signage for the field: They want a sign to go over the steps that lead up to the field, so I plan to have beginning sketches by the end of the quarter. I also might purpose ideas for home and away signs and other signs you might find on a baseball field (these will probably only be possible if I get the grant money from SAPPI so I might not purpose those ideas to the board)

3. Display wall for the donors: They would like a wall with the names of the donors displayed somehow. Again I will have beginning sketches for the final presentation at the end of the quarter.

With this new timeline I feel much more confident and less stressed about the coming weeks. I plan to have a few more logo ideas to show the board by Tuesday and will begin to explore the artist rendering this week.



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