I sent my logo ideas to Mike on Tuesday and I got an email back from him yesterday. He’s been busy but he’s meeting with the other board members tomorrow and he said he’ll email me tomorrow with comments on the logos. I also sent him a few questions about the rendering which he said he’d include in the email after he talks to the board members.

I started some sketches for the website the other day. I planned out the pages I would like to include on the site; 1. A home page that will include news on what’s going on with the field and the organization, also a “quick donate” button for easy access. 2. A mission statement page with more information about donating and a place to donate. 3. A page about the project which will include images of the before, during and after (the artist rendering). 4. A page about the sports teams of the high school, with a link to the school’s site. 5. A contact page.

This may be adjusted a little bit after talking with the board more, I hope to have enough information for each of these pages. I plan to start working on the site sometime this week, along with the artist rendering.


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