So today is week 5 and which means we’re half way there. Oh boy. I feel a little stressed about this project, with getting the final two pieces of phase 1 done. I received an email back from Mike on Monday with the board’s decision on the logo and some more information about what they were expecting from the artist rendering. This is the logo they chose.






I plan to do slight alterations to this logo because it was not my first choice so I want to make the yellow swoosh look a little better. The colors come from the school’s colors; purple and gold.

With the logo 95% done I have started mapping out the website. This is the current website- Upper Moreland Field of Dreams

As of right now, this is sufficient. The most important part of the fund currently, is to collect donations, so a simple one page site with a donation button works. However, once the project progresses more they will be in need of something a little more substantial. Here is what I envision for the new site;

1. Home page/Mission/Donations: Like I said before the most important thing is to collect donations so I believe that should be one the home page. I think that my home page will be very similar to the page they have as their site now, content wise.

2. News: The Fund has been mentioned in several local newspapers and newsletters so I think its important to show the people viewing the site that the Fund is being supported and the word is being put out there.

3. The Project: I envision this page to contain all the information about the project, why its being done, who it will benefit, etc., so this page will contain that. Also I want to include a photo gallery will images of the current field, as well as my artist rendering and other mock-ups they have provided me with. In the future, once the field begins construction, there will be more photos to add.

4. UM Sports: I think its important to know why the project is being done so including a page about the people the project will benefit is important. I want to have links to the main Upper Moreland High School website as well as the Middle School and Primary School because they are the future.

5. Contact: Finally there will be a contact page, very simple with an email form that will direct messages to the board members as well as their contact information.


I’m very excited about this website. I think that it will really improve their fund, adding a lot more depth to the information they are providing. One of their main concerns is that people will not donate because they don’t think the project will ever really happen. This is the main reason they want me to do a artist rendering but I think with a more developed website people will look at them as more professional and be more willing to donate money.

I haven’t started the rendering yet, they include information about the rendering in the last email they sent me so I plan to start that within the next week. At my meeting with Diane last week she mentioned one of the reviewers today would be from the interior design department and they might be able to connect me with someone who can help me possible bring my rendering to life. I want to do a kind of architectural drawing using colored pencil and photoshop to make it a little more digital. I will probably end up doing several sketches of this because thats just how I work with hand-drawn sketching.

I think that my progress on the project has been good, its hard when communication isn’t always instantaneous. I do believe I need to pick up the pace a little but with the website and the rendering because I think they will be time consuming. So it’s time to kick it into gear.


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