Senoritis is spreading


The weeks are numbered and the stress is on. Last week we had our midterm review and I think it was pretty successful in terms of critique. I showed everyone the logo that the board chose and the other logos I developed and everyone pretty much agreed that my logo #2 was the best option. So I emailed the board members on Friday to suggest a change. I said that after getting feedback from my class and teacher we felt that a different logo would be more effective, I also said that after hearing the feedback, Brain (one of the reviewers) suggested I try to take ideas from MLB logos. This is something I had considered from the beginning but for whatever reason never really applied it to any of the logos I produced. Mike responded to my email saying that we could go with logo 2 and then made some suggestions for other logos and sent me some imagery for inspiration. I guess this is something you learn from experience but I feel like I just stepped back to week 1. At my first meeting with the board they seemed very unsure about the logo, they had no suggestions they had no image of what the envisioned. Now, however they do. I think I’ve received about 7 emails from Mike with different images and ideas, the most recent with an almost complete logo done. I talked to my mentor, who I didn’t have chosen when I first sent out the logo and she told me when she meets with clients she asks them to provide her with 3 logos they love and 3 they hate. This way she has a better idea of what they are looking for. I wish now, that I would have done something like this because like I said, I feel like I’m back at week 1.

I have been working on some more ideas for the logo and I plan to get Diane’s opinion tomorrow as well as my mentor’s before I send them to the board members. I have been doing some research on websites and getting an idea of what I want, maybe trying to style it off of another sports website I can find. I sent the board members all the information I have planned out for the site so far. There are certain things I need from them for the site so I gave them a list of things I need them to provide for me. I also got in contact with a member of the Upper Moreland Boster Club so they can provide me with pictures of the sports teams from the high school.

I think I’m a little behind. I felt really on top of everything before the review but now I feel like I have nothing. I’m going to really kick myself into gear this week so that by next week I have a little more to show from the work I’ve put into this project.


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