Back to the drawing board


So I started on some more logos and here are just a few of them all very similar.



Like I said in my last post Mike had several new ideas now that its half way through the quarter and one of them (I had an image but somehow have misplaced it or I would post it as well) included an actual field and a silhouette of a batter and some ‘rays’ so I tried to take elements from the image he sent me and interpret it in a little more abstract way and those are what I came up with. I tried some other logos that took elements from MBL logos but I just haven’t been successful with those much. Another thing I need to find out is whether the board members want to have the word fund in their logo. I asked this question awhile back but never got an answer and then it slipped my mind. The logo the board members chose in the first round did have it but I have sent Mike an email just to make sure. In the above logos I would rather not have it, I think its more effective without it but if its technically part of the name I’ll have to figure that out.

I started doing some research on the website and I haven’t found anything I love yet. What’s throwing me off the most I think is the colors purple and gold and trying to incorporate but of them somehow. I’ve done some sketches and I’m trying out a few looks but I build a wireframe to get started and have the layout of what I’m going to have on each page and how it will be displayed. Some of the coding (image galleries, contact forms) I’m going to be using is stuff I’m currently working on using for my personal website so it shouldn’t be too hard to switch the code over to fit into this website. Here is the wireframe I’ve developed. The purple background and the white box/black menu bar are just for display purposes, I still haven’t decided what I want for those but all the content and how its displayed what probably what I’m going to go with, unless it really conflicts with what I decide as the design.


For anyone who is following me on here I would love some feedback/critique/suggestions but be aware that the website is just a template (if you didn’t read the entire post).

I’m hoping to really kick this website into gear this weekend and bang out some more logo ideas tomorrow. I don’t have anything on my calendar for tomorrow so I’m going to really try and dedicate the day to this project.


One thought on “Back to the drawing board

  1. It’s not the use of a script that I was concerned about- just that particular one. I think it gets a little blurry. The font that vimeo uses- a dafont Black Rose might be worth trying. I think you might try a slab serif for the alternate approach- look at the free sports fonts: You could post this on Typoholics Anomymous on FB for some feedback. I prefer the third webpage- white background, lighter borders.

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