So I tried a few more fonts with the concept I posted on Thursday. Diane thought the script font was a little hard to read. This was one of the fonts I did like so I tried to make the yellow part of the text thinner so it was a little more legible. I also tried some block letters similar to the font I was using in my first round of ideas. The bottom font I really liked, the bottom logo is my favorite of the ones I developed this week. My mentor liked both of these ideas as well. I would like to send that concept to the board members after I hear back from Diane.

I have also been researching some sports websites to get ideas from for the UMFOD’s website. I have come up with a few very similar designs. The main difference is the content boxes. My favorite is the first idea (top left and if you can’t really see the background is a black texture and then the content is within black boxes) but I have a feeling the board members might think its too dark, which is why I changed it to white in the 2nd idea and lost the black in the last idea all together. The content on the pages below (all home pages) are just fillers. I plan to have the donation button on all pages in the right side bar. On all the other pages the button will be a little further down allowing room for links at the top of the side bar.

Just wanted to post something really quick to get some feedback on the concepts I have developed. I would love suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Sara, those logos look like they’re going in a really great direction. I like them both. If I had to give you feed back the only thing I could say is that in the second one, although I really like the scale of everything, it feels like the elements are fighting each other spatially. Maybe bringing down the dense black stroke on the field shape might help it stay in the background. The first logo catches my eye more. Maybe distinguishing the foreground more with either the bat & ball or field of dreams for this one? It’s a tough call, but they are both looking good! 🙂

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