This is it.


So after much changing adjustments I have finally landed on the design I think is it.



I just emailed the board members so I’m waiting to hear back from them and how they feel about it. I have received a lot of positive feedback from several of my peers, my mentor and Diane and have told the board members I feel this logo will be very effective. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they feel the same. I also sent them the 5 page template on the final website design I want to go with. Here is just the first page..



I’m pretty happy with this as well. I will start the coding of it tomorrow and hopefully will have the site mostly done (minus images and copy I have yet to receive) by mid week next week (considering there isn’t much time left). I plan to start the rendering tomorrow and hopefully that won’t take me too long.

I also told the board members I would like to schedule a meeting week 9 to talk in person about all of my work and make sure they are happy with everything. I want to have the site public for the final presentation at school but I want to get their approval in person before I replace what they have up now.


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