So this is what stress feels like?


I’ve pretty much been working none stop on this project. I don’t know how everyone who is taking 4 classes along with senior project is doing it because I’m only taking 2 others and I’m so stressed with these last weeks of the quarter coming to an end.

I heard back from Mike and we are planning a meeting either tomorrow night or Wednesday night to go over what I have and any changes that need to be made. The logo is done, and the website is 99% done. I have to upload a few more images to the site and do a few fixes on technical issues that I need Karen’s help with so those will be fixed by Wednesday. If I meet with them tomorrow then I will let them know that I’ll make the site live Wednesday afternoon, if we meet Wednesday then I will make the site live at the meeting or after. I’m very satisfied with the turn out of the website so far, I think it will generate a lot more traffic and get the organization a lot more recognition.

I started on the artist rendering and have designed a layout for a display plaque to be at the site. Here is what I have so far:

It’s just a prototype right now. I have to rescan the drawing on a large format scanner because this one is pieced together in photoshop and caused it to get a little blurry. And I have to fix the dugout designs obviously, as they are different colors right now but I want to wait until I rescan the image. Any suggestions are welcome. It’s not exactly how I pictured it, I envisioned it differently but this is how it turned out. I haven’t shown the board members yet, so we’ll see how they like it.

I’ve started working on my presentation, its turning out to be rather long so hopefully once its put together and I do a run through its actually not as long as it looks. And to think I was worried about filling 20-30 minutes. I was having some trouble when I started putting the presentation together, I wasn’t really sure what to include and how to go about explaining the problem and the solution. I wasn’t sure how much background to include and if I should talk about my passion for the project and the reason I chose it- which is probably why it seems a little lengthy.

I’m going to spend tomorrow adding the new pictures to the website and getting everything prepared for the meeting with the board members. I’m really nervous to present everything to them, I hope they are satisfied with everything I have put together for them. Then Wednesday I’m going to fix all my little bugs and finish up the presentation for Thursday.

Oh it’s so close to graduation. I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “So this is what stress feels like?

  1. I like how the drawing turned out! Maybe bring out a bit more contrast in it? The only other suggestion I have is to make the logo for it a bit bigger, maybe at the top?

    I have to get my presentation together – I have bits and pieces right now and it’s all so overwhelming!!

  2. Yeah I’m having a lot of trouble with the color and the main problem is the computer screen. I like the actual drawing of it but as soon as I make it digital the color is awful. I have to rescan it or I might actually just try and take a nice picture of it if that works but we’ll see. I moved around the content a little and made the logo a little bigger but in context this is going to be like 17″x17″ so the logo is going to be about 3″x1.5″.

    Yeah my presentation is a work in progress right now, I’m headed over to meet with the board members for organization in about a half hour so hopefully they like everything I have and I can continue working on that after.

  3. Looks good. I agree with Kristin about the illustration but maybe instead of increasing the contrast of the drawing you can illustrate where it says “Upper Moreland Field of Dreams” in the same style you did the drawing. Just an idea. I’m sure you know this already but since it’s going to be printed so large make sure the resolution of the picture will hold up. I’ve overlooked that fact a few too many times.

    I only have two classes this quarter too and it still seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to get all the work done that is needed. I sacrificed my entire weekend to school work.

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