Live website


So I’ve been super busy on getting the website for the Field of Dreams Project up and live. I had several issues but I have solved most of them and the site is now live. There was one issue I had after I put the site up. I’m having some problems with the contact page. I have replaced the form I used with just a simple statement and the email address for the time being but I would like to include a form. I was using the mailto form which I have no discovered only works if your connecting the form to a email address that is at your domain name. I’ve been doing research all day trying all different ways but none of them are working. Does anyone know how to fix this problem without registering an email address at the domain name? And if not does anyone know if it cost extra to register an email address at your domain name? I emailed Karen Girton-Synder this morning so hopefully she gets back to me about this, but in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions they are more than welcome. Also if anyone takes a look at the website and see any issues please let me know.

I got pretty simple feedback about my presentation yesterday nothing that will be too difficult to fix. I’m going to start working on that more today and hopefully I don’t lose it over stress this week.


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