The end is near.


So presentations are tomorrow and I just found out I’m first to go in my group. Boo. I have most of the presentation together I just want to add a few more slides for sketches and ideas for the design work I’ll do in the future for phase 2. Here is my presentation so far for Diane so she can spell check it =) Some of the links aren’t linked correctly and the slides that look a little empty might be slides that I need to add things too, so don’t be too hard. Heres the presentation. (you might have to click the link twice.. it will redirect you then click again) I’m working on a few more design/moodboards for phase 2 things and I will have the presentation done tonight. I’m really nervous for tomorrow and hope that everything goes well.


2 thoughts on “The end is near.

  1. Not the end– the BEGINNING! Wonderful job–presentation is greatly improved- I love the bat graphic. No need to be nervous. Are you going to do show this presentation to their board? I hope they spotlight you in an alumni news outlet of some kind at least. Only one typo I noticed (and yours wasn’t the only presentation where this came up):

    1. Thanks! I may show it to them, I’m not sure. But that would be so nice if they spotlighted me in some way. Thanks for the typo catch, I always get those confused.

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