A new beginning


Senior presentations were on Thursday and I’m extremely happy with how my project turned out. I have the link to my presentation for anyone who would like to see it that didn’t get to see it on Thursday. presentation.

This means that I am officially done college. Graduation is on Friday and then it will be off into the job world for me. Well kind of anyway. I have decided to do a little freelancing before I jump into getting a full time job anywhere. And I plan to use the time wisely. I have decided to keep this blog going to step a little outside my box. I really enjoyed doing this blog for my project but I never would have thought that I would have enjoy something like this. So I would like to continue to use it as a place to talk about my work and share some awesome designs that I love.

Last quarter one of my teachers had just come back from his sabbatical and he showed us the work he had done while he took his time off so that’s what I’m going to do myself. I’m going to formulate a list of projects I want to accomplish in this “down time” I’m taking and I’m going to share it with whoever would like to listen. To start the list off (I only have a few items right now but the list will grow):

1. Paper Cut project for Chrissy’s wedding

2. Experimental paper cut project similar to the works of Peter Callesen (I’ve never done this kind of paper cut work but I would like to try and see what I can do with it)

3. My own minimalism version of the Harry Potter book covers

I’d also like to use this blog not just for art and design but for my other passions as well, so..

4. I want to blog about at least one recipe I’ve pinned (if you’re not on pinterest you should be, it’s addictive)

5. Do at least one project on my art to-do pin board (again really check pinterest out, and follow me!)

These are just a few things I want to do so I’ll add to the list when I’ve come up with more.

I hope everyone who was following me for the senior presentation continues to follow. Congrats to you all for being done classes and see you all on Friday, hopefully.


One thought on “A new beginning

  1. This is really wonderful- I’m looking forward to the Harry Potter series (as well as the recipes)–I’ll definitely be checking out your Pinterest,( as you know:) you are inspirational! –Good luck– it was a pleasure having you as a student.

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