officially a college graduate =)


I am officially a college graduate, diploma and all. Graduation was Friday and reality has hit. I didn’t really feel done until I walked up on that stage to get my diploma and it feels good to know I finished with honors =) It’s been a hectic weekend- its my birthday today so the festivities has been going on all weekend and I’m exhausted.

I’ve started working on my list of projects and I’ll have 2 new things to post about by the end of the week so stay tuned. No additions to the projects list yet but stay tuned for that too.

I’ve been talking to Mike (my contact on the board for UMFOD) and after my nice break between my senior project presentation and graduation I’m getting back into the project. I’m going to be updating the website tomorrow with the new total for donations and a link for the sponsor form. Also going to start working on an email blast they hope to send out for ground breaking starting in April.

Also, for anyone who loves to read and needs something new to start, if you haven’t yet, I started reading the Hunger Games this week- I’m working on the third book now. It’s great! I definitely suggest everyone to read it. I haven’t seen the movie yet but planned to sometime this week hopefully. I’ll let you know how it is.


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