A few things to update on. I had my first ever post-grad interview on Wednesday, it went really well. I mostly went to get the experience of doing interviews because the commute was about an hour, which is a little further than I had planned on considering. The company seemed really cool and if they were closer I definitely would have considered going to the second interview. It was a good experience though.

A few things to add to the PGPG list

  1. Chrisy’s wedding Paper Cut completed
  2. Peter Callesen inspired Paper Cut
  3. Minimalism Harry Potter Book Covers
  4. Make at least one pin on my ‘Yummy in my Tummy’ board completed
  5. Complete one project on my ‘Art to-do list’ board
  6. Chrisy’s wedding place cards
  7. Wiggles n Wags website
  8. Email blast for UMFOD

As for #4 I made chocolate covered strawberries for a friend’s bridal shower (not quite a recipe but still on the “yummy in my tummy” pinboard. Here are some pictures:

I started with melting chocolates from KP Kitchens on the main street in Hatboro. They are a little more expensive than say the chocolate you get at Micheal’s but it’s so much better.

I melted the white chocolate first and dipped all the strawberries in white first. The chocolate hardens pretty fast so I put the first half in the fridge while I dipped the second half and by the time I was done I could pull the first half out to drizzle the white on the bride strawberries to make them look like a dress. Then I melted the milk chocolate (after I finished I realized doing dark chocolate may have looked better but I personally like the taste of milk chocolate better so it’s up to you). With the milk chocolate I dipped the second half of the strawberries carefully on the sides to make the tuxedo look. I used a toothpick to make all the details on the bride and groom strawberries.

This was the first time in a long time I had made chocolate covered strawberries so I had some problems. For instance, I think this had to do with the amount of chocolate in the pot/how hot the pot was, but at times the chocolate wasn’t really thin so when I went to drizzle it, it was clumpy. Something I’ll have to experiment with.

Other than that I think they turned out pretty well and everyone loved them.

I’m currently working on the place cards because the wedding is in May so that is probably the next project I’ll have completed. I’ll also probably start on the email blast soon too. I’ll keep you updated.

Happy Easter! Enjoy the holiday.



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