Learning something new


Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. Last week was super busy for me. I finalized the place cards for the wedding in May and will post pictures of the finished product when I get them printed and all together. I presented 6 different designs and like the UMFOD project my least favorite design was chosen. However, this time I was okay with the choice. I also started my job hunt, although did not get very far because as I said I was very busy and got sick towards the end of the week. I’ve also been doing some work with the UMFOD project. They started construction yesterday so I went and took some pictures and have updated the website with the progress they have been making hopefully to inspired more people to donate money.

What I wanted to share with you all today is something I found posted on facebook. I love building websites and learning new things with code, although nowhere near a web designer, I think I’m pretty good with the technical part of building a site. When I started to redesign my personal website my main concern was making it accessible to everyone. That meant getting rid of the flash coding I used to display my contact information (major problem!). So I explored the world of jquery. I was kind of impressed and intrigued by everything that could be done using jquery. The only problem was when I found what I wanted I sometimes had trouble making it fit to my design or trouble making it work at all. Jquery is hard because the code you find has to be compatible with the code you already have. I found something I really liked and tried to implement it into my coding and it didn’t work. I watched 4 different tutorials on how to do it, following each part step by step, doing everything perfectly and still I was having trouble making it work. I asked my web design teacher to help me and she could most of the time but I was determined to figure it out on my own. As time went on and I was experimenting with so many different examples of jquery I started to understand it more and realized to make it work, I had to understand it more. So I was excited when I saw this link posted on facebook  http://learnjquery.tutsplus.com/. I don’t know everything about it yet- I have just started it myself but I will keep you updated. It’s a 30 days tutorial from tutsplus.com that teaches you jquery. The welcoming video says that if you dedicate 15 minutes a day to this tutorial you will learn jquery in 30 days. They send you a new tutorial every day and it seems pretty promising. I will definitely keep you updated and let you know how I like it and how much it teaches you but I’m pretty excited.

This is just one of the many things I would like to teach myself. I also want to learn a little about After Effects. I saw it used a few times during my internship when they were putting a commercial together and although it looks a lot like Flash, which I hate; I think it would be cool to learn.


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