Time to get a job.


So it’s been a while and I apologize for that. I’ve been kinda busy getting some things done in the past couple weeks that I forgot about writing here. I’ve been working more on finding a job. I have an interview lined up for next week and have applied to a few other places. Slow but steady. 

Like I said I finalized the place cards but I’m not constructing them so I’ll have to take a picture at the wedding and post them afterward. My new projects are a website for my Aunt and business card for a friend’s aunt. I really should move away from doing work for family/friends but I so easily get roped into it. Not that I mind, I just get uncomfortable with pricing. The website I’m working on is for my Aunt’s personal company called Wiggles n’ Wags (a pet sitting business) for this I will probably do a logo too, because she doesn’t have one as of yet. For the business card, that will be easy its a personal BC for a yoga instructor and she has some of the imagery she has in mind as well as color, so that shouldn’t be too time consuming.

I’m headed over my Aunts tonight to talk about what she wants for the site and will keep you all posted on that. I’ve also been busy taking pictures for the Field of Dreams. I’ve been documenting their progress and it’s amazing to remember how it used to look. They still haven’t raised their goal amount but there’s still plenty of time.

As far as my PGPG list I haven’t really been crossing much off that recently but I will get back into that I promise. I really want to start the HP book covers soon. I need to prioritize my time a little better. With finding a job and this miscellaneous freelance things I’m picking up I’ve been very scattered.

I started a new part-time job that just happens to give me a lot of down time but not enough where applying for jobs fits in easily. So unfortunately I’ve been spending more and more time on Pinterest. Which is unfortunate because I’m already addicted. I found this site called repinly where you can add yourself and it ranks you as a pinterest user. It also shows the biggest pinners. Like people with millions of followers and tens of thousands of pins- at least I’m not that addicted, right? But it’s not surprising that the top pinners and majority of the pinners out there are graphic designers (it says it in their description). So of course I get lost on their boards and its never-ending.

So to end this post, I’ll share something I found on pinterest.

I thought this was a pretty cool idea. I’m not in love with the graphics, they aren’t very cohesive but I do love the idea. I really wish I had documented all this stuff when I was doing my portfolio. I think it would have been a cool thing to actually include in my portfolio, as the opening page maybe. Not sure about displaying how much I spent on the actual printing/book and whatnot but hey all graphic designers know constructing your portfolio costs more money than we can actually afford, right?


2 thoughts on “Time to get a job.

  1. Hope you won’t mind my sharing this with Portfolio classes. Are you registered for FEEDBACK to show your book on Tuesday night?

  2. Of course not! I think its a great idea. I wish I had the information to make my own but I never kept track of all that. No I’m not registered. But I just looked into it so I probably will register today. I just have to check my work schedule.

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