So it’s been a pretty crazy and awesome few days. Last week I was very busy starting to sketch some ideas out for the website I’m building for Wiggles n Wags. I’m trying to do some research on WordPress because I’d like for my Aunt to be able to update the site herself. I have to say I’m having some trouble figuring WordPress out. If anyone has any suggestions on where to begin that would be great!  I’ve also been doing some work on the business cards for my friend’s aunt. And I’ve also added a new project which I haven’t gotten the details on yet. Crazy!

Then this weekend was the wedding I did the place cards for so I took some pictures. I didn’t have my camera just my phone so the pictures are great but here they are…

This is my sisters at our table.

It looks a little off center because they way they were placed in the frames, but I think they turned out really well, and Chrisy loved them.

So the awesome part of the week came this morning when I was offered a job! My first offer and it’s a great position. I don’t want to give specifics here just yet but I will in the next post.



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