The Anatomy of a Cupcake- this is not a recipe post ; )


Sorry about not posting last week, I swear I have no time for anything these days. But there is so much I’ve wanted to write about that I just haven’t gotten the chance to yet.

First off, I’m designing monthly infographics at work and was doing some inspiration research a couple weeks ago when I came across this awesome infographic. It’s not necessarily a typical infographic (the kind a lot of people picture in their head when they think infographic). And the reason I love it is not because of the design elements- it’s because of the content. When you look at it, you never expect that you’re going to read what you’re about to read. And when you finish reading it you realize how something so little can make such a big impact. So here it is. It’s called “The Anatomy of a Cupcake” and you may never eat one again- at least that’s how I felt.



I’m not entirely sure why this struck me so much. I think maybe because it was so much of a shock that such a (and excuse my language) pretty infographic about cupcakes could open your eyes to so much.

Now, like I said I’ve been so busy. I go straight from work to the gym every day (my sister is my new personal trainer now so the gym is now my second home) and then I pretty much pass out I’m so tired. On top of that I recently had a vision for my new person identity so I’m slowly redesigning my website, resume and business card. I have a job now and I’m not looking to for a new one but I figure the best time for something like this is when you don’t need to rush it. So I’ll keep you posted on that and when I’ll launch my new site.

Not only am I working on a vision for my own site but I also started working on my Aunt’s site. This was part of my PGPG list if you remember that. The company is called Wiggles n Wags and my Uncle just set me up with WordPress on the host so I’m diving into that. My website at work is also WordPress so I’ve been slowly learning the ins and outs of how to use it but at work the basics of the site was already established. And when I say basics I don’t mean the basic stuff I mean the layout, the design, the coding- aka the hard stuff. So now I’m exploring php- whatever the hell that is. I remember learning basic coding in school from a teacher and it seemed easy. Teaching myself on the other hand- not so easy. I’ve been looking around for classes, not being too successful but I’m hoping I can find a good website to help me out. I’d like to build a site myself instead of working off an existing theme, so we’ll see.

I found another good site for some nice display and headline fonts so check that out. I believe they are all free but I haven’t gotten a chance to look through and download them yet so I’m not entirely sure.

I told you I had a lot to update you on so I’m just going down the list.

Another website I now love, I got this off of a friend on facebook is called From up North and has great design work for inspiration. I spent pretty much everyday this week during lunch break on this site. And no surprise, I pinned so many different things from that site. Its really cool so you should check that out as well.

Well I think that’s enough for today. I almost feel like I’m forgetting to write about something I wanted to mention but maybe that’s just me feeling guilty for not writing for two weeks. I always have to make myself notes to remember to write about things, maybe next time I’ll just write a quick blog post instead..?


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