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So the title was a little teaser but you get the free fonts, after you read my post.=) So today is September 11; a day that will never be forgotten. Last year was the 10 year anniversary and the opening of the memorial, which sadly I have yet to visit. Hopefully I can do that soon. I’ve been seeing these cool photo merging things on pinterest that I really like. The ones I see the most are where someone is holding a picture from years before in front of the camera and the picture is being taken in the same location, so the old photo merges with the new one. I’ve also seen this done with sketches where someone holds a sketch up to make it look like there are dinosaurs in the middle of a city or something. Well I found one in honor of all the people we lost on that day 11 years ago.

I really wish they had gotten this picture without the cab, but its so sad seeing all those people in the foreground. What it must have been like in New York City on that day. A city that never stops moving, never sleeps. This might be a photograph but there’s no doubt how still everyone in that picture is. Maybe the cab actually adds to that, its so hard to get a picture of a street in NYC without getting that obnoxious yellow flash across your frame.

To all the people who were affected by the events of this day. <;3

And now, like I promised: some really cool free fonts! Enjoy!


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