How many business cards should you bring to an event?


Twenty? Five? Every card you still have left? According to this guy you should bring only one and if the first person you see is the valet, you should give it to him? Huh? Well he makes a pretty good case. His logic is that giving your contact information to someone does nothing, what are the chances that they will call you? What you need is their contact information.

Now, I in no way think business cards are unnecessary, but I think this guy has a point. Its more important for you to get someones contact information so you can get in touch with them. This way you are taking the initiative and not waiting for them to get in touch with you for work because chances are you are not the only one they have talked to that night.

I do think I would feel a little vulnerable having no business cards going to a networking event so I would probably bring some just in case but you should always at least make sure you also get the other persons card as well. Its a tough decision because I think business cards are very important. If someone gives me a really good business card I make sure I do some research on them. Not having that to put in front of someone would make me a little nervous.

This article also says that some people feel business cards in their physical form are going out of style, personally I can’t see that happening. With the digital era overtaking everything I understand the thought but what could digitally replace a business card, I don’t know. And as of right now I don’t think anyone else does. Maybe they’ll come up with some sort of app that lets you share your digital business card via some sort of automatic transfer (which they may already have) but I don’t know. And maybe I just like holding physical things in my hand. I haven’t fully jumped into the digital ear yet, I returned the Nook I got for Christmas last year and just bought 6 new actual books yesterday. I’m an artist and although, I’m a graphic artist who works on the computer everyday I can’t fully let a keyboard and screen do everything for me.

Conclusion: I probably won’t show up to my next networking event with just one business card but maybe I won’t always hand them out. I will make sure I get one from others.


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