Check out this cool app!


I don’t often update the apps on my phone. However sometimes when I’m bored I’ll look through and download ones I think look interesting. Most of the time though, I open them once and never use them again. Then they get push to the last page in some folder with the rest of the never used apps. But a few weeks ago I found one that actually made it to the first page. It’s called Prismatic- this is what the icon looks like so you don’t get it confused (sorry for the crappy google image).

What it does is using you interests from your social networking sites it gathers articles it thinks you will like. And over time, liking and reading certain articles it learns to understand your interests and gets better at its job. At first, I didn’t like it. It had a lot of bugs and kept crashing on me, but with some updates and bug fixes it has gotten much better. I sit on it all the time and just scan and save articles to read more thoroughly later. You can access your account online too so that its easier to read.

Its cool though, its like they take all these magazines and newspapers and pull out your favorite parts so you don’t have to go digging. I recommend checking it out!


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