Healthy Chicken Salad


As you may or may not know- I’m trying to be healthier. Going to the gym and insane amount (hope I don’t have to keep that up the rest of my life), and eating much much healthier. Now I always laughed when I saw those quotes or whatever about how you don’t have to diet you just have to eat right to lose weight- I stopped the laughing. I haven’t exactly been eating everything I want to but I am certainly not dieting. My main goal is to just cut out the stuff that’s fatty and follow a schedule. For example; I used to put mayo on my sandwiches, now I don’t- they’re just fine dry or other times I substitute it with hummas. That’s my new favorite word- substitute (and hummas- never knew I liked it so much). I also don’t salt everything I put in my mouth (I used to salt EVERYTHING) and I don’t use butter to make things taste better, because most of the time the taste just fine without it. These are my sacrifices, among others.

So whenever I think about a food I like, I try and substitute the bad stuff for good stuff. Something I like to do now, since I don’t have time to cook during the week because of the gym, is prepare about 5 dinners on Sunday night so I can eat them the rest of the week, so Sunday has become a big cooking night for me. So I was making a chicken dish, which I now can’t remember what it was- but that’s not the recipe I’m giving you), and only had room for 4 chicken breasts in the oven so I took the other 2 and boiled them (at the time I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them). Now one thing I do love is chicken salad, but that pesky mayo is just too fattening. That’s when I remembered something my sister had made a few weeks ago to go with our fish tacos. It was a substitute for the sour cream at the time but I thought maybe it would work as a mayo for chicken salad. Now I don’t often make things up like this, and I’m sure there is a recipe out there somewhere for this exact thing I’m about to tell you but it was some damn good chicken salad. So I’d like to share my creation with you.

I’m pretty easy-going with food. I’ll try almost anything now (I wasn’t always like that) and most of the time I like it. One thing I do not like, and can not understand how so many people do, is greek yogurt. I feel like I’m eating yogurt that has gone bad. Seriously, its disgusting, why do you people like it so much? Its definitely not how I image yogurt should taste- which is why its not half bad when you mix it with other stuff and completely mask the taste or when you’re eating it as more of a sour cream than a yogurt. I have one every morning in my smoothie (I use the plain one because it has less calories and sugar and I don’t eat it for the taste anyway) and can hardly taste it. Since the taste is very similar to sour cream it made for a good ingredient in the sour cream substitute with the tacos. The other ingredient- hummas. Greek yogurt and hummas makes a great sour cream, remember that next time you make yourself some tacos. And also when you make yourself some chicken salad, because that’s all I did. Mixed some hummas and greek yogurt and added it to the shredded chicken and tada! you got yourself some yummy, healthy chicken salad.

Like I said I made this up, so I didn’t do any measuring. It was sort of an experiment. I probably added equal amounts of yogurt and hummas and enough to make the chicken salad consistency, but that’s all up to you. I also used a spicy hummas, just because I like the flavored hummas better than the original kind and obviously the plain greek yogurt, I don’t think you want to add like strawberry yogurt =) Then do a little bit of adding and tasting and adding some more. Maybe add a little bit of pepper and perhaps a dash of salt. Make it however you like it and enjoy!

Sorry about the crappy photos, it was a spur of the moment decision to make this chicken salad and share my creation =)


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