chocolate chip vanilla popsicle

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I can’t really called this a recipe, because it involves nothing more than filling up a popsicle cup and popping it in the freezer but its a treat you’ll love. Since I’m trying to be healthy the right way I’m trying to allow myself a treat every once in awhile and by treat I mean dessert- because who doesn’t love dessert. However, I could get myself into big trouble if I let myself go with dessert. Oh, how I would love a yummy slice of cheesecake right now….

Anyway back to my healthy dessert. I’ve mentioned before I am not a fan of greek yogurt, I cannot eat it plain out of the cup like I would normally eat yogurt, instead I put it into things like smoothies or add it to food as a sour cream kind of ingredient. But I recently discovered (and by I, I really mean my sister because well this dessert was introduced to me by her) a new flavor of Caboni yogurt called vanilla chocolate chunk. Now I don’t know what they did differently with this flavor because its not the chocolate that makes it edible, the yogurt itself is actually pretty good.

Now that I’ve revealed the secret ingredient all you need is some popsicle cups (don’t laugh, my sister bought these- I’m pretty sure they are for babies) I actually don’t mind eating this by itself but it makes such a good popsicle and admit it eating it as a popsicle is much more fun than eating it with a spoon. Yeah, you know I’m right. Of course it depends on what size popsicle cup you buy but I think mine might be a little under a serving of the yogurt because of course chocolate and vanilla equal sugar and this flavor yogurt definitely has more sugar than the others. So go make yourself some dessert =)


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