Spicy Shrimp and Corn Soup

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Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you were safe last night during the biggest party night of the year. In honor of the holiday I just want to express my thanks to all my blessings in life.

1. My great friends. I have two of the best friends anyone could ask for, not to mention all the other great friends I have. I’m thankful for all they’ve done for me and every time they’ve been there for me. You’re the best.

2. Momma and Lannie. Speaking of my two best friends, I am thankful for their hilarious and fun mothers who I know I could go to for anything.

3. My sister.  My sister and I have gotten closer over the past few months and I am thankful that she kicked my ass into getting in shape. Sorry I yelled at you those many times in the middle of the gym.

4. My job. I was one of the lucky few to not have much difficulty finding a job right out of school so I am thankful for the opportunity to work at such a great company with great co-workers and such a nice and appreciative boss.

5. My mentors. Okay so maybe mentors is not the right word but it sums up everyone I’m talking about. All the people who have gotten me to where I am today. Some of my favorite teacher and professors who have taught me so much along the way. (Beach, Powell, Zatz, Shanks- just to name a few)

6. My adventures. This might be a little selfish, but I am thankful for all the wonderful and exciting things I have gotten to do throughout my life- skydiving, going on a road trip with my two favorite people, putting my life on hold to move to NY to be a live-in nanny so I could figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

7. The Capellas- the family I worked for in NY. Without this wonderful family I would not be who I am today. I hope we never lose touch.

Keep in mind all that you have because live turns on a dime (a quote from the book I’m currently reading).

Now it might be Thanksgiving, but I’ve been a little slow on the post recently so we’re going to back track to Halloween, and why not everyone else to fast forwarding to Christmas already (if you couldn’t tell, I’m not for playing Christmas music, hanging Christmas decorations or acknowledging Christmas at all until after Thanksgiving at the very least- although.. Christmas is my favorite holiday, I’m still a child when it comes to Christmas).

Every year my neighborhood has a Fall block party which usually falls around Halloween, this year it got a little crazy with Sandy but we managed to have it the Saturday after Halloween. Every year my sister makes this soup that is usually a huge hit. Well this year she really didn’t want to make it and I really did. Mainly because I wanted to share the recipe with you all, you’re welcome =)

Soup is something you can have all year round but it really works well in Fall especially this soup, it’s very Fall. And its very easy. The only thing is, it takes a while to cook- the preparation is easy and short but it needs to cook off for a couple hours. It also makes a lot. There isn’t much to it so you can alter the recipe to make a smaller amount but it’s meant to feed a lot of people, so make it for a party, everyone will love you, I promise.


4 cans of whole peeled tomatoes
4-5 peppers red, yellow and orange chopped
4 onions chopped
4-6 lbs of frozen large peeled shrimp
4 large bags of frozen corn
Cajun seasoning
Salt and pepper

You’ll need a large pot, so everyone can have some.

Add a stick of butter to the pot and sautee the peppers and onions, not too long, they will continue to cook while the rest of the soup does. Since this soup makes a lot, theres a lot of seasoning that goes into it. So every time you add something add a little bit of salt a pepper. So onions and peppers, salt and pepper.. Next you add the cans of tomatoes and break apart the tomatoes to get the juice out, they will break down more when it cooks but you do want to get it started. Salt and pepper. Then add the bags of corn one at a time, stirring after each to mix it through. Salt and pepper. Then add the bags of shrimp, again stirring after each because at this point the soup isn’t very soupy. With all the ingredient there won’t be much liquid yet, trust me it will get liquidy after it cooks.

I apologize, I really need to work on my photography skills while cooking. It’s just so difficult in the middle of cooking.

When everything is in the pot add your spices, add as much or as little as you want. I like mine spicy, it makes it much more “Fall” I think.

Like I said, it might look really thick but it will thin out after you cook it, which takes about an hour and a half, but keep testing it, especially if you alter the recipe to make less. It really just needs to get hot all the way through and the shrimp needs to cook, so keep stirring it occasionally. It’s something that can definitely be made the day before and then heated in a crock pot the day of, that’s what we usually do for the block party.

Enjoy your holiday and enjoy your soup =) Happy Thanksgiving


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