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If you’re a graphic designer, chances are you’ve looked at an ad at least once in your life, where your reaction was “Damn, why didn’t I think of that, its so simple, yet so genius.” For me, one of those ads, well really its the company in general- because they’ve used the concept so much in different ways, is Lego. Now, maybe its because I’m still slightly a child at heart and my imagination is sometimes just like this- but I think this direction of advertising is just brilliant. Not only does it speak to children but it shows adults the potential for growing your child’s creative mind.


Simplicity is something I value in all design but when someone can pull off something this simple and this brilliant in an ad space, simplicity gets new meaning.


I love this ad too because it makes you fall into a child’s mind for a second and image what the world looks like to them, maybe it reminds you of how you used to see the world too- to children everything around us is built with Legos- love it.

Another ad campaign I stumbled across a little while ago was for Science World. Again, this ad kind of makes you think and makes you wonder. I think one of the most important things an ad can do is leave you wanting more, leave you wondering. That means the potential that they will look for more is greater. And this campaign certainly does that. When I came across this campaign it included about 20 difference versions, the two that struck me most are shown. I wanted to show you these because well, I did exactly what the designer wanted you to do- I looked into the answers.


121 feet of hair in one day? I’m pretty sure I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for sometime now and it doesn’t seem like I’m growing 121 ft a day- but really you are. Check it out.


This one I was curious about as well, I just didn’t understand it at first, but again check out the answer and all the other ads here.


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