Chapter 3


I completely made the number 3 up- but I have started a new chapter in my life. I moved out of my parents house this past weekend. I’ve been trying to save money to make the transition easier but I definitely got to the point where it was time. I plan to build a lot of my furniture- people laugh when I say that or think I’m kidding, I’m so not. I’m so excited to build my own furniture. You’ll see it all, don’t worry- I’ll make sure I document everything. Right now however, the house is pretty bare. We have a couch in our living room, with a small TV sitting on my night stand. Our rooms are a little more full with everything else. The funniest part about the whole thing is we don’t have overhead lights.. Not a big deal, except for the fact that we didn’t realize that beforehand, and therefore didn’t plan for that. Aka we’ve been living in the dark for the past 3 days because we don’t have any lamps.

But its a fun adventure and I can’t wait to make it all feel like home. Thanks to everyone who helped move us and everyone who gifted us new and old items. I’ve never had so much fun putting dishes away =)

Any before I go, just a little dish to brighten your day. I made Chicken Brushetta Pasta the other day that was delish!


2-3 Chicken BreastsFresh Basil
Whole Wheat Pasta
Pasta Sauce (optional)
Balsamic Vinegar
Cherry Tomatoes
Mozzarella Balls (optional)

Step 1: Halve the tomatoes and mash with a fork, or anything that will work- just get a lot of the juices out. Mix in chopped basil and about 2Tbsp of balsamic vinegar. Let marinate for up to 2 hours (I always get very impatient and probably only waited about 30 minutes, its just up to you. It gets more flavor if you wait longer)

Step 2: Cook Pasta as directed on box.

Step 3: Cook chicken (I used a George Foreman because I wanted the grille marks, but sautee works fine as well). Slice chicken into strips when cooked.

Step 4: Add the tomato mixture to a saucepan and heat. Add 1/2 cup of the Pasta sauce to thicken it up (That step is optional or adjustable, you can just you the juice from the tomatoes as a sauce). Once heated add chicken and coat with sauce.

Step 5: Add sauce mixture to pasta and toss.

Step 6: I found these cute little mozz balls at Giant so I threw them on after plating- completely optional but delicious- Enjoy!

Chicken Bruschetta Pasta

I really need to work on my presentation skills, I know. I certainly wouldn’t make it to the next round with those random pieces of pasta flying all over the place. Sorry- I was hungry.


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