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So before I moved into my new place, I think I made a promise to my readers that I would be making  a lot of furniture and sharing the how-tos with you all. Well I apologize for breaking that promise. I haven’t really made much. I think I got entirely too far ahead of myself and didn’t realize how much time things would take and how fast I needed certain things.

But slightly not breaking my promise.. I did make a few pieces of furniture and did some little crafty things that I enjoyed.

So first, thanks to pinterest, I have a new found love of palletes. Ya know, those wooden things that warehouses use to move things around on fork lifts.. yup those.

Palletes Usage: Sara Pomykacz's Blog

They are so versatile and can be made into anything, plus I just love anything made out of wood. Well, I made my bed frame out of these nifty palletes. Not so creatively difficult- its pretty much just laying them down and plopping a mattress on top, but I love it. Here’s what it looks like:

Palletes Usage: Sara Pomykacz's Blog

Palletes Usage: Sara Pomykacz's Blog

This picture is from awhile ago, I promise you there’s more to my room these days..

Second, I am obsessed with is industrial furniture. Some examples of the things I would have built if I had the skill, the time or the money..

Industrial Love: Sara Pomykacz's Blog

I just love these shelf ideas, but after figuring out that must of this stuff would cost me close to a month in rent I decided to scale down and found this little gem:

Industrial Love: Sara Pomykacz's Blog

I decided to make this into a nightstand. I may make myself out to be this huge do-it-yourselfer but I really have no concept of how much all this do-it-yourself supplies costs. So these nightstands ending up costing me a little more than I bargained for. Oh well, I love them and will keep them for a long time. What do ya think?

Industrial Love: Sara Pomykacz's Blog

I used 12″ iron pipes (x8) and floor flanges (x16) and 2 pieces of plywood. And then times that all by 2 because I made one for each side of the bed =)


6 thoughts on “Industrial Love

  1. They look great!! Good work. And agreed it takes a heck of a lot more time, energy and $$$$ than you’d ever imagine😉

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