Margarita Jello Shots

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A while back I made Strawberry Lemonade Jello Shots– they seemed to be a hit at the party I made them for as well as here on my blog. So for my cousin’s bachelorette party I decided to try something a little different…

Margarita Jello Shots

Margarita Jello Shots via Sara Pomykacz's Blog

The process for these was very similar to what I did for the Strawberry Lemonade ones but gutting the limes was a little different than the lemons. Limes are a little firmer than most lemons even when you try and loosen them up by rolling them on the counter. I still used the method I explained in this post but I wasn’t 100% sold on the technique and I didn’t exactly perfect one for these Jello shots.

What I would do though is the following…

1. When I made the Strawberry Lemonade ones, I started on the jello before the lemons because I wanted to let the jello cool, which you should still do but the limes take a little longer to gut so I’d start with them first and half way through start the jello. I saved some of the lime juice I squeezed out of the limes to add to the jello shots as well.

2. You can use lime flavored jello but they do sell margarita flavored which is what I used. I would start making the jello according to the package, boil the water and add the powder. Pause before adding the cold water… this is where you substitute the alcohol (because you are making them adult style.. theres no other way…) But you should wait a little for the boiling water and powder to cool first, adding the alcohol right away could cause the alcohol to cook, which you don’t want.

3. Most jello mixes are half and half-  half boiling water half cold liquid. My recipe: For example, we’ll say it suggests boiling 1 cup water and adding the powder. You should boil a little less than 1 cup, add the powder. Wait for the mixture to cool a little. Add some lime juice (the amount that you left out of the boiling water) and then 1 cup of tequila. I’m the type of person that likes her drinks strong… so if you’ve made jello shots before, you can certainly use the recipe you’re used to if you don’t like yours strong.

4. If you followed the method explained in my other post, your limes should be halved. Pour the jello mixture into each lime and set in the fridge. I used cupcake tins to keep the limes from spilling but it wasn’t as successful as doing this with the lemons because the limes were much smaller so they still rocked a bit but if you have cupcakes tins I would go try them. Once the jello sets take a serrated knife, wet it occasionally (this help slip through the jello better), saw at first to cut through the lime skin but use a clean swipe once you’re through the broken the skin. This is the most effective method I found for cutting the wedges.

5. You can see in the first photo I dipped the wedges in salt. I don’t suggest doing this ahead of time. The salt seeps into the jello and kind of melts it. If you are a salt-on-your-margarita type dip it in salt right before taking the shot.

Margarita Jello Shots via Sara Pomykacz's Blog

These were good but I have to say I prefer the Strawberry Lemonade Jello Shots a little bit more but enjoy!


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