Quarter Life Crisis

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For anyone that’s very close to me, you’d know I sort of had a quarter life crisis back in March. For anyone who’s not.. I did. I kind of freaked out about turning 25. I know, most people will say 25..? Wait until you hit 40, 50.. Yeah yeah, I know I’m young.. Doesn’t help. Well yesterday, I stumbled upon this cool blog post and also in the same day relived my days as a 15 year old, unfortunately.

The blog post..? This woman asked her family members to each write her a letter to their 25 year old selves giving advise that they wish they had know at 25. It was definitely a cool idea and the answers, while typical and common sense, we’re very insightful. You can view Mary Schmidt’s full post here.

Reliving my days as a 15 year old.. Confused..? Let me explain. My coworker, Malorie and I were talking about ex boyfriends and hilarious times when Xanga came up in the conversation. Xanga- you ask..? It was the Facebook before Facebook came about. We were both curious about whether ours were still up and if we could find them. Well I did and now, like the article I stumbled upon, I might have to write my 15-16 year old self a letter and give her some advise because she definitely needed it.

Morale of the story. If you had a Xanga back then, don’t go looking for it. You won’t like it.


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