Waitress Yesterday. Designer Today.

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Mostly everyone at one point in their life; the high school days, the college days, their “I can’t find a grown up job” days, served food to a bunch of grouchy, hungry and selfish people. AKA everyones been a waitress/waiter at some point.The plus side to serving these unappreciative people (okay, I might be being a little unfair not every customer is unappreciative, or was I referring to the employers.. umm anyway…), the plus side is that you can apply a lot of things you’ve learned from being a server to many other jobs you’ll have in your life and more specifically to jobs where you have to deal with clients. If you just stop and think about it you can imagine the similarities. I found this  cool article about what you can learn from waiting tables that you can apply to working with clients. 5 Invaluable Tips Designers Can Learn From Waiting Tables.

From someone who’s served both the hungry and the impatient I can relate and understand. Hope you get something out of it.


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