Creative Bedroom Lighting

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Some of you may have noticed the blue (its actually gray, at least that’s what the paint store told me..) door behind my nightstand in Industrial Love and wondered what it was doing there. Well this was another project I found on pinterest that I fell in love with.

I discovered this cool store Restore by me. Its a thrift store that donates proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. They have anything you can image. Of course, like all thrift stores, they are a hit or miss but I found exactly what I was looking for there. What I needed: two doors and 2 sconces. Perfect! I found 2 door panels from those sliding closet doors- $10. And 2 gold outdoor sconces- $5. I picked up a pint of paint at Ace Hardware one day they were giving it away for free and some black spray paint- $4. Some lamp shades (which are impossible to find for sconces) from my cousin- thanks Jenn, for free =) Then I put my pops to work again… I painted the doors and sconces, he did the installing.

Creative Bedroom Lighting via Sara Pomykacz's BlogCreative Bedroom Lighting via Sara Pomykacz's BlogCreative Bedroom Lighting via Sara Pomykacz's Blog

I don’t like the look of brand new furniture, so I wasn’t too concerned about the handle holes or the hinge indents. They give it character. And I literally just layed them against the wall behind my nightstands and hooked them up to one of those extension cords with the on/off switch.

Now, for awhile I just had bulbs with no shades, because like I said sconce shades are impossible to find. Especially for sconces with the bulb hanging down but I bent some wire and cut some clamps and tada… Lampshades for hanging sconces..

Creative Bedroom Lighting via Sara Pomykacz's Blog


3 thoughts on “Creative Bedroom Lighting

  1. These are phenomenal. They’re perfect for when you want to mount wall sconces but don’t want to or can’t drill into the wall. I love the Restore near us (they changed their name but I still call it that).

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