Did you learn anything useful in college?

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After reading the title of this post you might be drawn back to those days in middle school and high school when you constantly asked your teacher (probably your math teacher in particular), “When the hell will I ever use this in my life?” Well you may not have used the word hell but you probably got some BS answer about when you will use that random equation that I can’t remember at this time because well I never used it again…

But college is supposed to be different, right..? College is where you finally decide what you want to do with your life, where you weed out all those subjects you really wont need for your future career (minus all those gen eds you have to take, just because..) and you learn what you need to to do the job you want.

I found this article Did you learn more lasting career lessons in school or in the office? which talks about the things you can only learn from real-life experience.

Now I hate to brag about my college, and some of my classmates may disagree but I felt like I actually did learn useful things from college. Yes, of course there are real-life, everyday workplace lessons you can literally only get from working in an office but I thought unlike learning straight from a book I learned about my industry. Perhaps that had a lot to do with my industry but I thought my education from The Art Institute of Philadelphia (yes, there’s my name drop) really helped me along.

Like the article mentions doing an internship before graduating can definitely help you with those real-life, everyday lessons. I know it definitely helped me. I’m glad it was required from my school because it was definitely worth the time. Another thing that I think really helped with my education and I know that this is hard to come by in most majors is that majority of my professors were active in their fields. They were all professional artists themselves, whether they had their own businesses, did freelance work, or worked part-time teacher and working, they all could give us real-time advice on the industry which was very helpful and appreciated.

Of course there’s nothing like getting out into the field, starting a new job and then being kicked to the ground with all the shit you didn’t know. But that’s going to happen anyway. I interned for about 3 months I think, and I learned a lot during that time but it took much longer than 3 months at my new job to slip into everything and find out all the “shit” I didn’t know.

I in no way think that college is unnecessary but I do think that certain ways of teaching and learning are. I think there is a lot more that isn’t taught that needs to be taught for people to succeed in their careers. That’s the one thing that stood out when I was looking for art schools and the one thing the Art Institute didn’t fail me on.

Disclaimer: This post is mostly for the article I didn’t mean to brag about the Art Institute that much, just kind of happened that way. =)


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