Influential Design Monday: Get Dirty!

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Like my “Free Font Friday” posts, I’m going to start doing “Influential Design Monday” (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a great alliteration for this one.) For Influential Design Mondays I’m going to share with you some design work and advice I find influential and insightful. It may be an entire project, or just a quote it could come from an artist/designer you all known or someone maybe you’ve never heard of.

So to kick off Influential Design Monday…

This is a genius interactive poster designed by Roland Tianco–yes, it’s physically interactive, and you get your hands dirty with ink and dirt! As you handle the poster and open it from the envelope, you can’t help but get your hands dirty. That’s what makes it more fun! Smear the paper with the ink and dirt and you get the real message of the poster: ‘The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty’. Genius!

Dirt Poster by Rolando Tiangco

tianco-interactive-poster-brilliant Dirt Poster by Rolando Tiangco


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