The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. I love the season, the holidays, the holiday cheer the traditions (big and small) and the snow.. I love the snow! As a kid I used to think it was a law that it had to snow on Christmas, I guess every year when it didn’t snow I just forgot and always assumed it had snowed the previous year. So you can image that I hate that last week the ground was covered in white and it was in the 20’s and this week it shot up to 60, which of course melted everything on the ground and is now holding at a steady 40. So much for a white Christmas…

It doesn’t feel all that much like Christmas this year. I think its because I’ve moved out and all that I have to remind me of the season are a few decorations I stole from my dad and a sad Charlie Brown Christmas tree sitting on a shelf. I honestly feel like I haven’t even heard that much Christmas music and that stuff is drilled into your head earlier and earlier every year.

So tonight I tried breaking out some movies that were Christmasy, but I ended up crying to a movie I have only seen once and forgot was actually one of those sad Christmas movies. And then somehow out of the blue I remembered an oldie but a goodie. It’s one of those movies that I’m not even sure if it was popular among other people or if I and my childhood best friend just loved! “Babes in Toyland.” Anyone? Someone please tell me they loved this movie as a child as well.

But considering nobody owns a DVR player anymore, and I only owned it on VHS. I had to resort to more modern means. Thank you, Youtube!

So for any of you “Babes in Toyland” fans, or any of those people who’s childhood wasn’t as wonderful as mine.. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!


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