Philadelphia Line Map

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This has been a long time in the making and it’s taken me a long time to post it out as well..

I love Philadelphia. Everything about it. The sports. The city. The architecture. The arts. The restaurants. The bars. Even the smell. Philly is my favorite city. So over a year ago when I was planning to move out on my own and was deciding how I would decorate a new space, a map of my favorite city seemed like something I definitely needed.

So naturally I went on Etsy, I looked around on Pinterest but I just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. And then I stopped and thought, “Hold on. I’m a freaking artist, duh!”. So I sat down and made one myself.

It took hours/days/weeks, probably about 300 overlaying GoogleMap screenshots, and I file too large to even think about not to mention those “Oh shit, why did I do it that way. I OBVIOUSLY should have done it THAT way!” moments at the end. But I finally finished it.

Philly Map

And now I’m selling it. I opened myself up a little Etsy shop and it’s yours if you want it. If you’d like to buy my print please hop over to my Shop. But if you’re cool enough to be reading this post right now, I’m offering a Promo Code: BlogPromo, if you enter this at checkout you get $10.00 off! Promo expires July 1, 2014, so don’t wait too long!


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