Powerful Advertising

Graphic Design, Life

The one thing I can seriously appreciate is a seriously dead-on, stop you in your tracks ad. I love coming across ads where all you can say is “Damn, I wish I designed that”. Here are some good ads that do just that..

Ad: Both Sides

“Think of both sides.”

It took me a second to get this one, I think only because the one child’s face I actually found amusing, instead of frightened. I think that could have been executed better but I love the concept behind it.

Ad: Likes

“Liking isn’t help. As a volunteer. Change a life.”

I think this ad is so powerful because its so easy to relate to and the ad just makes you want to crawl into a corner and cry because its so sad.

Ad: Plastic Bags

“Plastic Bags KILL. Keep Our Oceans Clean.”

I really love ads that are interactive, ads that rely on other people to make them happen. I particularly love when people do things with bags like this, I’ve seen another one for a gym with a jump rope. You’re kind of forced to play along.

Ad: Smoking

“The End. If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.”

This one was just so cool. I think I liked it so much because it reminds me of when you’re really into a book (Dan Brown books.. very good example) and you get to this really exciting part and then the chapter ends and you have to decide if you should stay up another 20 minutes past your bed time to just end on another cliff hanger. And you’re almost angry, but you’re not, because the book is so good and you love it and you just don’t want it to end but it does and you’re just like WTF?!

Ad Sexual Predators

“Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.”

This one, honestly, just creeped me out, it’s so weird but you know what… isn’t that kind of the point? We’ll played, designer..


“It’s not happening here. But it is happening now.”

This goes along with my love for interactive ads. I love how its specific to the location the ad is placed at. An in the moment ad that at first you might think is real, you might be walking by and get a glimpse of this kid sitting under the tree with a gun and you literally stop and do a double take before you realize “Hold on, that’s not real”. It’s not happening here. But it is happening now, somewhere..

You can check out some other cool ads here.


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