The Urban Dictionary of Design Slang

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I had a call the other day with a potential client, where I used the words “wordmark” and “logo”. As a designer, we all know that these are 2 different things and we can define each one separately. As a client, not so much. After a short period of time discussing it, he let me know he was currently googling the difference because he didn’t know what I was talking about.

We sometimes assume that others know what we know. Not everything of course because well, we all know how “not smart” some clients are. For example, we all know not to assume that a client knows the difference between an image on their computer screen and an image that can be printed or the difference between a image pulled from facebook verses the original image. See the first and last pictures on “What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer”.

It’s all design speak, right..? And how we see things as designers. Like when you (the client) wants to be trendy *designers across the world shiver*. Trendy is not a good thing; trendy is ‘a dirty word in the design world, referring to a solution that appeals to the short-lasting whims of society. The opposite of timeless.’ We want timeless

And then there are the things that our clients say that they hope is covering up what they really mean. For example, “I showed this to my (insert important person in client’s life) and he/she said…”. Which we all know means “I don’t like the concept, but would rather attribute the criticism to someone else, so you don’t think I’m the one who thinks this is shit.”

We’ve all heard them all… and this person put together a dictionary of them some really funny ones. Its a little lengthy but its definitely a good read if you have some time.

The Urban Dictionary of Design Slang


Free Stock Photography

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I stumbled upon this great resource the other day… Stockpic.

Free stock Photography

A new set of 20 free stock photography images every 2 weeks. No copyright restrictions.. Check it out.

9 Things We [Designers] Do That We’ll Never Admit…

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One thing I remember being taught in school is, its okay to steal. I’m talking art here, people. Of course, my teacher clarified that with steal to inspire your own work not steal to replicated exactly. All designers steal (that’s not an admission of guilt…), its just one thing we just choose not to admit to anyone outside the art community.

I found a list of the top 9 things designers do that they will never admit to..

1. Steal Stuff

As I mentioned above we all steal for inspiration but this talks more about physical objects, and I’ll admit, I’m totally guilty of this. I like to steal pencils/pens cool markers. If someone lets me borrow them, I sometimes just wait until they ask for it back, in which case they never do. The article states I’m not a criminal though, I’m just “good at gathering.”

2. Procrastinate for longer than is healthy

I didn’t realize I did this until I read the descriptions about organizing your Computer Arts by issue number.. Communications Arts..

3. Overpromise

4. Use fashionable design approaches rather than developing a new paradigm

5. Hate their own work

Yup, we all do.

6. Work in our jim-jams (pjs)

Yes, but admit it everyone really does this if they are working from home.

7. Buying a product for its packaging rather than what’s inside

Guilty. Actually, I’m not really ashamed to admit that one. I’m a sucker for packaging.

8. Add comments to signs, or scribble out misplaced apostrophes

9. Know the hexadecimal,RGB, CMYK or Pantone reference for colors

Yes, but only my company colors.

What do you do as a designer that you would never admit..?

Want to be a freelancer?

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I’ve been crazy busy recently so, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while..

I’ve been doing some freelance work; wedding invitations, websites.. But I also just updated my own website, So go check it out! To go with the freelance theme, check out this infographic on how to make it as a freelancer..

Freelancing Infographic

Philadelphia Line Map

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This has been a long time in the making and it’s taken me a long time to post it out as well..

I love Philadelphia. Everything about it. The sports. The city. The architecture. The arts. The restaurants. The bars. Even the smell. Philly is my favorite city. So over a year ago when I was planning to move out on my own and was deciding how I would decorate a new space, a map of my favorite city seemed like something I definitely needed.

So naturally I went on Etsy, I looked around on Pinterest but I just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. And then I stopped and thought, “Hold on. I’m a freaking artist, duh!”. So I sat down and made one myself.

It took hours/days/weeks, probably about 300 overlaying GoogleMap screenshots, and I file too large to even think about not to mention those “Oh shit, why did I do it that way. I OBVIOUSLY should have done it THAT way!” moments at the end. But I finally finished it.

Philly Map

And now I’m selling it. I opened myself up a little Etsy shop and it’s yours if you want it. If you’d like to buy my print please hop over to my Shop. But if you’re cool enough to be reading this post right now, I’m offering a Promo Code: BlogPromo, if you enter this at checkout you get $10.00 off! Promo expires July 1, 2014, so don’t wait too long!

Discouraged by Rejection?

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People experience rejection all throughout their life. We get rejected from colleges, we get rejected from jobs, we get rejected by people, sometimes we even reject ourselves. Rejection can be discouraging. But just when you think being rejected is the worst thing in the world… think about these people…

Madonna, Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, U2, Kurt Vonnegut, Sylvia Plath, Gertrude Stein, Jim Lee, Steig Larsson, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling.

You might have an idea of where I’m going now by reading the last 3 names because it’s well known that Walt Disney was at one point told he had no imagination- Walt Dosney, the most imaginative person ever?! And that Steve Jobs was forced out of the company he started. Or that JK Rowlings was rejected from dozens of publishing companies before the Harry Potter series was finally picked up- one of the most popular novels and highest grossing movie franchises ever.. those publishers must be kicking themselves.

Rejection only brings down the weak, so let it fuel you. Some of these names above we’re so fueled by rejection that they kept their rejection letters and pushed on to be some of the biggest names today. Check some of them out here.

Rejection Letter


Mr and Mrs Smith

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On September 21, 2013 my beautiful cousin, Jennifer got married at Font Hill Castle in Doylestown, PA.

Jenn and Sean Smith Photography by Emad Hasan

Photography by Emad Hasan

I was not only lucky enough to share in her special day by being there to see her and her husband, Sean get married but I also got to help do her invitations and other pieces for the wedding. Here is some of the work I did:

Mr and Mrs Smith Invitation via Design with Influence

Mr and Mrs Smith via Design with Influence

At the wedding:

Wedding Place Cards via Design with Influence

Photography by Emad Hasan

Wedding Thank You via Design with Influence

Photography by Emad Hasan

Wedding Thank You place settings via Design with Influence

Photography by Emad Hasan

The beautiful couple

Jenn and Sean Smith Photography by Emad Hasan

Photography by Emad Hasan

Congratulations Jennifer and Sean!

And because I had some extra invitations to cut up and experiment with, I crafted this for their first christmas together. A great and EASY keepsake.

Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament via Design with Influence


  1. I bought glass ornament balls at Michaels. I think I bought a pack of 6 for like $5. I couldn’t find anywhere that sold individual glass balls (only plastic- Michaels does sell individual plastic if thats what you want, I preferred the glass) so I figured I could save them for the next wedding..
  2. I cut each line of type from the invitation into its own strip first, and then cut strips out of the remaining invitation area- all various thicknesses. Jenn’s invitation also used a red envelope to hold the 3 pieces so I cut up some of that to throw in some color.
  3. Roll each strip around a pencil (you can experiment rolling a few strips at a time, so it doesn’t take so long) and hold for however long it takes to hold the curl. Because of the weight of her invitation paper, I only had to hold the strips around the pencil for a few seconds for the curls to hold, you’ll need to experiment. Do all your curling first.
  4. Once all the pieces are curled, take the top off the ornament and start fitting pieces into the ball. This is kind of a guessing game. You want to try and shove the type strips to the outside so they are more visible (I happen to get very lucky and a lot of the words are perfectly placed.) You can use a pencil- not the point side 😉 to move around some of the strips but its a little hard to control.
  5. Once you have all the strips in, do any adjusting you need and you’re set to go.

A great gift for any newlywed couple!